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Founded in 2012 by producer ROH Kwang Kyun, ‘MUSICKING’ launched the first music crowdfunding platform in Korea. In addition to just raising money, ‘MU:KING LIVE’, a music production, distribution, distribution and offline performance stage, has been successfully operated for the past two years. Through this stage, indie bands and singer-songwriters will be given various stage opportunities to introduce musicians of various genres to the audience. It has developed into a performing arts field. Since then, he has appeared in various audition programs, including Superstar K6 winner Kwak Jin-eon and superstar K7 Yoon Seul. In 2015, it opened the ‘KING STUDIO’ dedicated to the music king of Sinsa-dong, and since then, the K-Pop record production system of professional musicians has been opened to overseas Hallyu tourists. K-Pop recording experience service was provided. Following the selection of excellent preliminary creative tourism companies by the Korea Tourism Organization in 2016, the selection of tourism venture companies in 2017. Based on the selection of the best IT tourism company in Seoul in 2018, K-Pop experience service is provided to Korean Wave fans around the world. Aimed to release the nation’s first K-Pop character band ‘Violet Walls’ digital single in the second half of 2020. Beyond Korea, it is becoming a K-Pop global creative studio that represents Korea.

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